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Choose your favorite fruit trees, we will plant them for you. You will receive images of your tree within 72 hours.

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    Order one or more trees for you or your loved ones: a most original gift!


    After your order, the trees are planted in just 72 hours.


    Receive a personalized video of your trees planted in your name or that of a loved one according to your choice.

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Plant a fruit tree

Plant a fruit tree and receive images of your plantation in 48 hours

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Plant every month

Every month plant fruit trees and contribute to the creation of a sustainable and sustainable ecosystem. flourishing


Give a tree to a loved one

Surprise him! A gift original ? Give a fruit tree to those you love

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Single purchase

Planting as a business

A marketing boost that does good for our planet.


Sustainable action

Show your customers that you are responsible.

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A project ? Objectives ? Our teams help you choose the plan that’s right for you.

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planted 23 fruit trees

Very good communication. Proximity, responsiveness, transparency in exchanges. And the price of the services is super affordable. It’s the perfect combo to satisfy everyone.

planted 3 mango trees and 1 banana tree

Easy to use and quick process, it's pleasant.


Trusted people that I have followed for years 👌

-Sama Hosseini

Hello, I didn't know the principle of this site but it's good my son convinced me and I was very satisfied for the second time. Thank you all.

-Julien Margheti

Frequently Asked Questions

When will I receive my tree?

We promise to ship your tree within 72 hours via WhatsApp after your purchase is confirmed.

Where will my tree be planted?

Your tree will be planted in Africa, more precisely in Madagascar or Kenya.

Can I give a tree as a gift?

Yes, you can give a tree as a gift. Simply provide the recipient's name and number at time of purchase.

Where do I receive the video?

The video of your tree will be sent via WhatsApp with the telephone number you gave us when ordering.

How long will it take for my tree to bear fruit?

The time it takes for your tree to bear fruit depends on the species.

We invite you to inquire about the specific tree you wish to purchase.

Are our trees maintained?

Yes, your trees are maintained by a dedicated team six days a week to ensure their growth and health.

Can I choose the species of tree I want to plant?

Yes, you can choose the species of tree you want to plant based on our available selection. Check our options when purchasing.

What are the environmental benefits of planting a tree in Africa?

Planting a tree in Africa contributes to local biodiversity, helps fight deforestation and supports local communities.

Can I visit the site where my tree is planted?

Currently we do not organize tours to the planting sites, but we provide you with the GPS point showing the planting location.

Surprise your loved ones!

With Frutopy, transform a simple attention into a lasting and meaningful gesture. Surprise your loved ones by dedicating the planting of a fruit tree to them. Whether it's an important event or a delicate thought, planting a tree in their name is a gift that grows with time.

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